Ancient fishing villages and rorbu (fishermen’s cottages), narrow straits, polished islets, diving, snorkelling and the world’s best seafood. This sums up the coast of Trøndelag.. Read the article


What do we know about historic Trøndelag? The well-known history of the region revolves around Viking raids, conflicts, a holy king and a legendary cathedral. Just as important are the stories about freedom-loving and calm
farmers and an emerging democracy. Read the article


When people migrated north thousands of years ago in search of food, they found fertile land in the centre of Norway. Trøndelag is now regarded as the food region of Norway – and the local menus feature some of the
finest produce imaginable.
Read the article


Few things describe “winter” better than frozen snow crackling under your feet. If you visit Trøndelag in winter, you will encounter reindeer, dog sledding, ice fishing and wonderful ski terrain.. Read the article


From fjord to mountain and deep forests to expansive mountain plateaus, salmon biting and the warmth from the camp fire. The Trøndelag landscape is the essence of Norway..  Read the article


Trøndelag has played a central role in the development of Norway’s history for more than 1,000 years. The name Trøndelag originates from the Norse words þróndir (people who grow and thrive) and log (district with common laws).


The capital of Trøndelag, Trondheim, has been one of the country’s most important cities ever since it was founded by Olav Tryggvason in 997. It was soon called Nidaros and served as the capital of Norway for around 250 years during the Viking Age. After the death of King Olav II Haraldsson at Stiklestad and his subsequent
sainthood, the Nidaros Cathedral was built over his burial site. It soon became Christendom’s most important sanctuary in Northern Europe, and people from all over Europe have made pilgrimages to this national sanctuary for almost 1,000 years.

To this day, people travel to Trondheim. Trøndelag offers visitors the essence of Norway and everything Norwegian: High mountains and vast mountain plateaus. Deep forests and valleys. Sami reindeer herders who tend to their herds. The Northern Lights, snow and sparkling conditions for skiing. The elongated Trondheimsfjord with kilometre-long sandy beaches, and polished rocks along the coast. Wild animals such as moose, lynxes, reindeer, bears, wolves, eagles and muskoxen. Modern urban life with a rich cultural and commercial life.


As Norway’s leading local food region, Trøndelag offers the country’s best culinary experiences and unique accommodation options. And always present is the Trønder, a complex being, who is inventive and renowned throughout history for his wanderlust and courage, while also being peaceful, rounded, hospitable and always willing to give of one’s self. Most people have heard the term “the friendly Trønder”. When you visit Trøndelag, you will be warmly received and, if you wish, challenged to experience something completely new!


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